Scottish landscapes, gardens and waterfalls

Red Deer
Water gliding over a Fall

Scottish Waterfalls

Vintage page from 1995.

Cora Linn

The Falls of the Clyde

About half an hour south by car from Glasgow (at New Lanark), a series of falls especially magnificent in full spate. This is one of the most famous falls in Northern Europe, and a great influence on artists and poets.
Also included is an article about the 18th century cotton mills at New Lanark. David Dale and Robert Owen revolutionised care for worker's welfare in an industrial environment.

Grey Mare's Tail

Grey Mare's Tail

This, one of the most dramatic waterfalls in Scotland, plunges over 300 feet in a series of falls, one of which resembles the tail of a great Grey Mare.
(between Selkirk and Moffat)

Penton linns

Penton Linns

Starting calmly under a bridge, and crashing through gorges overhung with trees, these falls are one of the best places in Britain to re-capture a real sense of the classical idea of the "Picturesque"...not just calm and sweet, but something wild and natural with the suspicion that behind one of the mist covered rocks may be a satyr and a nymph.
(near Canonbie, marks the boundary between England and Scotland)

Robert's Linn

Robert's Linn

Often there's no water at all, just a permanently wet and ferny rocky glen. Then, after rain, the falls appear like an unexpected apparition.
These falls may have had some significance for the builders of a pre-Roman boundary dyke, now called the Catrail, which stretches away in the valley below.
(between Hawick and Newcastleton)


Spectacular after heavy rain when it is a 20 foot high curtain of roaring foamy water. In summer though, it can be a quiet place, with ferns and mosses, damp grasses and sunlight dappled through overhanging branches into slow pools below.
(12 miles from Hawick in the Craik Forest.)

Rhymer's Glen by JMW Turner

Rhymer's Glen

In this glen, near these falls, Thomas the Rhymer was transported into another world where he stayed for 7 years...
(near Melrose and Abbotsford)

Hog Gill Spout

Hidden and almost unknown today. (near Newcastleton, Roxburghshire)

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