Traquair Fair and events

The Old Walled Garden Music Stage

Traquair House

The oldest continually inhabited castle in Scotland

36 slides of Traquair Fair and events:

Easter Egg hunts, Shakespeare, Art and Drama, Halloween, Traquair Fair and Traquair Medieval Fayre, Traquair Christmas celebrations. What's on varies from year to year, so check Traquair's own website for details.

Looking down from the house. The Courtyard and Wineglass Lawn: the Traquair Fair.
Lady Christobel and her butler.
Hui Ling Chinese Acrobats
The African Chief and fire dancer.
The wife of the African Chief, the African Chief, and his drummers - with Traquair House in the background.
Kwabane Lindsay
Bruce Airhead lost in a balloon.
De Ramos. High back-flip over a row of sharp knives.
Dryburgh Falconry - European Eagle Owl, Bubo Bubo.
Inside the Story-Telling tent.
Medieval Fayre
Medieval Fayre
dancing to La Sonera Calveras
Suns of Arqa, Michael Wadaba
Legendary Lynn Carmen Miranda
Legendary Lynn Carmen Miranda and her two Incredible Inflatable Palm Trees.
Listening to The Beggar Girls.
Medieval Fayre
Mr Boom
Capoeira in Cupid's Garden.
Northumbrian Swordsmen
Pickled Image - Bernard's Puppet Bonanza.
Northumbrian Swordsmen Morris Dancers
Syrovi captures his audience.
Bhundu Boy Rise Kagoma (guitar, centre) and Champion Doug Veitch (guitar, right), and band, on the Walled Garden stage.
When it rains...
Impromptu total immersion puddle sliding.
Dancing to La Sonera Calveras.
Tree meets tree
At the Courtyard Gates.
Galloway Consort in the Chapel. Influence of North African Music on 16th Century European Music.

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