The River Spey

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Grantown on Spey
in the Highlands of Scotland

The river Spey

These were taken while visiting The Dulaig, Carol and Gordon Bulloch's 5 star bed and breakfast on the edge of Granton-on-Spey in late June.

The River Spey

The Spey rises at Loch Spey near Fort Augustus and winds its way across Scotland to the Moray Firth.

The river Spey and 18th C bridge

The Old Spey Bridge was built after the 1745 rebellion by General Wade's successor, Major William Caulfield, as part of the military road that ran from Coupar Angus to Fort George. The inscription on the bridge says, "AD 1754. 5 companies of the 33rd Regiment Colonel Charles Hay. Ended"

The river Spey and wild lupins

Wild Lupins (L. perennis) grown in profusion all along the banks of the Spey in June.

The Spey is known to be a fast-running river and is especially famous as one of Scotland's best salmon rivers.

Scots Pines in Anagach woodland

Scots Pines (Pinus Sylvestis) and an underfloor of mosses and Blaeberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) in Anagach wood, planted in 1766.

There are way-marked walks from the town to the river through these beautiful woods.

A Red Squirrel was quietly eating the kernels of pine cone seeds at the top of a tree and dropping the green husks to the ground. Its red fur was exactly the same colour as the top-most branches in the evening sun.

The Dulaig

Carol and Gordon Bulloch's home The Dulaig is on the edge of Grantown-on-Spey and it's an easy walk through the woods to the Spey.

They are both keen walkers and climbers and know Scotland very well. If during your stay you want to know where to go and what to see, just ask!

Map of the area:

Map of the area

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