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About Scotland

"If you'd saved for a trip of a lifetime and had travelled 4000 miles to visit Scotland would your stay be memorable and inspiring and would you go home with happy memories of Scottish hospitality?"

We are:

John and Roselle Boyd-Brent. Get in touch: mail
Helped by:
Martin Notcutt who helps with the day to day running of the site.
Canvas Host who run and maintain our server which is powered by wind.
We also work with Ecosse Unique, the long-established holiday cottage agency also based in the Scottish Borders. Mark Breed and his team visit all their rental cottages and we feature them on About Scotland. See: Ecosse Unique in About Scotland

About Scotland

We are not an agency and we take no commission; all bookings and transactions are between owners and guests.

Our Location

We are based in Southern Roxburghshire, near Newcastleton, in the Scottish Borders. Tel 013873 75859

Writing reviews, taking photographs.

As much as possible we try to visit every property, meet the owners, take our own photographs and write the web page ourselves - for consistency and a sense of objectivity.

We like to feature every kind of accommodation from simple croft house to town flat to Scottish Baronial. The minimum criteria are: genuine hospitality, cleanliness and something that sets you apart from others.

On About Scotland there are both outstanding and unusual properties as well as more modest ones, both expensive and budget.

We are not aiming for an exhaustive database of Scottish accommodations - more a selection of the sort of places we would like to stay ourselves.

Here are some of the things we like:

  • Warm hospitality
  • Owners who like their guests
  • Mountains and hills
  • Places not on a main road
  • Forests
  • Lochs
  • Animals
  • Vernacular architecture
  • Cleanliness
  • Sea
  • Stone and wood
  • Steel and glass
  • Georgian, Victorian, Arts and Crafts
  • Modernism
  • Honest good food
  • Enthusiasm
  • Farmhouses
  • Terraced houses
  • Sensitivity
  • History
  • Rigorous design
  • Relaxed and eclectic design
  • Views
  • Birds
  • Farmland
  • Free internet access
  • Inclusive prices with no extras
  • Castles
  • Bungalows
  • Colour
  • Minimalism
  • Informality
  • Country House style
  • No style - just fine!
  • Music
  • Dogs and cats
  • Gardens
  • Organic food
  • Locally sourced food
  • Paintings, prints, drawings and photographs
  • Books
  • Fresh flowers
  • Trees
  • Balconies
  • Tranquility
  • Home-made jam
  • Big beds

We don't award stars or grades, and we are not critics. While we don't really mind if your curtains match your bed covers and waste paper basket, we do like eclecticism and flair. We support and encourage individuality, personality and difference.


Scotland HolidayNet

Our Home Page from 1996.

At the beginning in 1995 we called our site Scotland HolidayNet. Two years later a company based in Surrey claimed the name HolidayNet was theirs - they had registered it as a domain name - so we changed our name to AboutScotland.

So right from the start we visited, got to know the owners and photographed every accommodation we featured on our site and the site became known for its implicit personal recommendation and celebration of the good things Scotland has to offer.


In line with the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act of 1988, our photographs, our text, maps, and other graphics and all the design and coding remain copyright to John Boyd-Brent. License for use of photographs in print media may be granted when higher resolution versions on CD are purchased from us. To continue the individuality and uniqueness of About Scotland we have a strict policy of not licensing photographs, maps and graphics to be used elsewhere on the internet.

All copy, text content, design, images, graphics and photographs on this site are copyright and the property of About Scotland unless specifically annotated otherwise. No part of this site may be copied and/or reproduced without written permission from About Scotland.

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Standard Disclaimer:

"While all the information given by About Scotland is given in good faith, About Scotland cannot be held liable in any way for any consequences arising from it. About Scotland is an advertising service and is not an agent. All reservations, agreements, and contracts are made solely between accommodation owners or those who advertise on this site, and/or their agents, and the client/guest. About Scotland cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from such reservations, agreements or contracts."